What’s Happening

Reunion Activities

4:00 – 6:00 pm

South Hall

Join us at 4 pm to mingle with your former classmates, show off your shared interests and talents, and view several surprises! We will also have four short panel discussions about “then and now” featuring MIMS alums:

Concurrently from 4:30–5:00 pm:

  • Information Visualization, Search, & Information Architecture 
    Panelists: Annette Greiner (’10), Maggie Law (’03), Nicholas Rabinowitz (’09), Luis Villafana (’03)
  • Entrepreneurship
    Panelists: Philip Braddock (’16), Marc Gratacos (’03), Holly Liu (’03), Dhawal Mujumdar (’11)

Concurrently from 5:15–5:45 pm:

  • Privacy, Security, Ethics, Policy, & Government
    Panelists:, Kim Norlen (’01), Ashkan Soltani (’09), Leslie Tom (’12)
  • Product Management
    Panelists: Krista Gettle (’04), Steve Kafka (’02), Usman Raza (’18)

Around 5:45 guests who have joined us at South Hall should start walking up to International House for our reception dinner program. 

Reception & Dinner

6:00 – 8:30 pm

Chevron Auditorium, International House​

Mingle with drinks and light appetizers, followed by a bite to eat.

Following dinner, a special program will feature inaugural dean Hal Varian in conversation with some of the original I School professors, including Pam Samuelson, John Chuang, and Marti Hearst,  and a conversation between former dean Anno Saxenian and MIMS and Ph.D. alum Joe Hall.

Do you have questions?  Ideas for the event?  Contact us at events@ischool.berkeley.edu


We’ve hit our space limit!  We apologize to anyone who wanted to attend but did not register before we sold out. Students and alumni who did not register are welcome to join us for the South Hall portion of events from 4–6 pm.

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